PAT Testing

Need your equipment PAT Testing? Got a big gig coming up, and worried that you might get asked for a PAT Test certificate?

We’ve heard plenty of tales of bands being turned away from venues because their gear hasn’t been tested – but then we also hear of band equipment being ‘failed’ by PAT testers who don’t know what they’re dealing with – or even being damaged during the test!

We provide a no-nonsense service for entertainers, based on a fixed price. As a live event company we deal with professional performance equipment on a daily basis, so we understand music equipment, what it is used for, and how it is used. We won’t fail your equipment because we don’t understand it!

Testing normally takes between 1 & 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the equipment. We can organize testing during the day or weekday evenings. If you need your equipment testing for a special event, even at short notice, we will do our level best to help.

For most acts, we can test all of your equipment for a fixed fee. The price includes full reports which you can use to show agents, managers, venues, and insurance companies!